We just finished – the St Louis Stamp Expo. We very much enjoyed meeting many of our long time customers and new customers also. (I still dislike having to sit behind the booth all day for three days – the booth chairs are not as comfortable as my office chair!). The show this year was well attended by collectors – I think there were more attendees this year than last year – we were busier.
My daughter Jill did the show with me and she did all the heavy lifting. Without her help I would not do stamp shows. I do admire the breed of stamp dealers who travel every where to sell at shows. Some dealers have truck loads of stamps at the shows – big trucks too!
We have already signed up for next year’s show which will be held in the middle of March.
All of the previous shows have been organized and run By Regency/Superior Stamp Company. We just learned that David Kols, the owner of Regency, is extremely ill and that Regency has closed its doors. Many will miss seeing David and Penny and doing business with Regency. A small group of concerned philatelists and business men have taken over the conduct of the St Louis Expo and have assured us that the show will continue for future years.
This month we have updated our Germany Part D price list. There are a great many price changes in this list – most of them are price decreases. Some decreases are pretty substantial as prices for modern issues have weakened. The biggest decreases are among Berlin issues. Next month we will update German Area Part D which includes issues from Romania through Zara.


The Austria Philatelic Society (US) is entering its 17th year as a stamp club focusing on the Austrian area. (It seems like just a few years ago that I started the club. Just another thing to remember and remind me that I am old)
We have about 140 members throughout the US and abroad. The club is anchored by its quarterly bulletin and twice a year stamp auctions.
If you collect stamps and/or covers from the Austrian area you should consider joining our group; we have members from beginners to extremely advanced collectors. Dues are only $16 a year. Ask us for a free sample bulletin and application. Check out our website at www.AustriaPhilatelicSociety.com
If you collect Austrian stamps or covers give our club a try!!


We frequently remind our customers to please provide alternate choices on their orders. We wish we had an unlimited supply of stamps, but we do not. We always fill your first choices if we have them and use your alternate choices only when we are sold out of your first choices. By providing alternates you insure that you will get stamps and not a refund!

Michel Deutschland
Spezial Katalogs

The 2017 Germany specialized catalogs (Volume 1 and 2) will be released this week. Next month we will review the changes in this year’s versions. For those who already know they want the new catalogs they can order them from
Richard Hummel
Mr Hummel provides superb service at reasonable prices and you can pay via PayPal.

Scott Volume 1- A & B

The 2017 Scott Volume 1 – A & B has been released. Scott has divided the old volume 1 into separate volumes. The two volumes are sold as one unit so effectively the only change is that you have the same catalog in two volumes instead of one.
Scott lists Volume 1 at $124.99 but I see the volume being offered at $94.99 (plus postage) on the internet.
We will review Volume one next month since we are still waiting for the catalog to arrive.
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