What’s New…

For February we have updated our German occupations and Plebiscites price list part C.  This list will include issues from Memel through Poland.

We have recently changed our policy of mailing revised price lists every month. We will continue to update our primary lists periodically but will devote more time to maintaining our listings on our web site. We will add new items as acquired by us and those that are sold when they are sold.  Our customers to be assured that items listed on our web site are indeed on hand.

 Also, we have added extensive year group listings to our stamps for sale page. Our year groups are  complete year sets as listed by Scott catalog primary numbers. Years groups for Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg are included. The year group icon is at the bottom left of the home page!

We are specialists selling stamps and covers from the Austrian and German areas. We also stock stamps from Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. We have extensive price lists for all of these areas.  Let us know what you collect and we will send you all of our price lists for those areas – free.  We are also able to fill your want lists for single stamps that you need to complete sets.