What’s New…

For July we have skipped mailing our monthly price list.We have acquired so much new material that we have to devote full time efforts getting the stamps organized for our listings.  We are also working on three different price lists for the future. Meanwhile we will be adding many items to our online listings. If you browse our inventory you will find many new items now.

Next month we will update our German states price list Part I – Baden through Hanover.

Please note that we continue to add many images of better items on our stamps for sales listings. We are trying to increase the number of scans working from the more expensive items downward! 

Please note that in addition to the extensive listings in our stamps for sale section on this web site; we publish monthly price lists which include many more items than are listed our our web site. If you would like to receive the monthly listings all you have to do is send us an email with your mailing address and a description of what areas you collect.

Also, we have added extensive year group listings to our stamps for sale page. Our year group lists lists complete year sets as listed by Scott catalog primary numbers. Years groups for Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg are included. The year group icon is at the bottom of the stamps for sale page!

We are specialists selling stamps and covers from the Austrian and German areas. We also stock stamps from Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. We have extensive price lists for all of these areas. (Only a small portion of our stock is listed on this site.) Let us know what you collect and we will send you all of our price lists for those areas – free.