Well we are having great weather and I am getting to spend a lot of time in my garden - there is little else to do. Our area- like most in this country is locked [...]


Our area has pretty much shut down as has everywhere else in the country but we still trek to the post office every day and keep up with our orders. We hope all of you [...]

March Newsletter

This year I planted my first items in mid-February and everything is growing well - I love this Texas weather! I now have almost everything planted and growing. Last year I learned that early planting [...]


February is here already and we seem to have missed winter weather completely. We had a dozen days of 60 degree plus weather in January and no winter weather at all. I must admit that [...]


2019 was another very good year for our family and our business - if we don’t count my fall in late November. Business has been exceptionally good - 2019 was another all time best year. [...]


Well - things were running along too smoothly- Three weeks ago I was in a hurry to answer my office phone and grabbed the phone while plopping into my office chair. Unfortunately the chair scooted [...]


This month we have updated our German colonies price list part 2 which includes German East Africa through Togo issues. There are many new items listed. Next month we will update our German Private Post [...]


R SCHNEIDER’S THIS & THAT | SEPTEMBER 2019 As we completed our first 20 days of 100 degree weather this year I looked up 100 degree days in Wichita Falls on Google. Turns out that [...]


Our new issues bill for German July issues hit an all time high. Germany released a slew of new regular (flower) stamps to handle rate increases. New issues subscribers must prepare for a shock when [...]


We just returned from our first show in Oklahoma - We are closer to Oklahoma City than to Dallas. We met a lot of collectors for the first time as well as some fine dealers [...]

June Newsletter

This month completes our first year back in Texas. It has been a busy year - our stamp business has increased substantially in this past year and I very much need my daughter Jill’s help [...]


We have now been in our new home in Texas for one year - and are just about organized. There are still some items that we can not locate - a couple of our stock [...]


Spring has really arrived in northern Texas. Our last freezing weather was in mid-March. The trees and grass are green again and my garden plants are up and growing! The big difference between Illinois and [...]

March 2019

Winter is just about over in North central Texas - we are having highs in the mid-50's to mid 60's now and the trees and plants are greening again. Watching the weather in other areas [...]


2018 has been a really, really busy year for the Schneiders. Our move from Illinois was a bear after 30 years in the same house. The good news is that we love our new house [...]