It’s looking like we are going to get through this winter with almost no bad weather. We have had a few chilly days and lots of cold wind but that’s all. My wife is originally from New Jersey and she misses winter weather – not me! I’ve started all my vegetable plants and will have them ready for outside by the end of March. Love it!

It has been a year now since we stopped mailing monthly price lists. During that period we have had very few requests for price lists. Our most detailed listing of our stock is now on our website. We list many more varieties now than ever before. Many of our customers collect the Michel listed varieties of which we have many.

We update our web site continuously and add new items as they are acquired and delete items as they sell out. If you order from our site items should always be in stock.

Our biggest problem of late is keeping images posted properly on our web site. It would seem that it is a pretty routine matter to attach images to a particular listings but it has not turned out that way. Somehow the images tend to migrate and/or disappear. Any time you need to see an image before you decide to purchase and one is not displayed just email us and we send an image to you immediately.

This month we updated expanded our Germany proper listings – especially items from the inflation era. We have been steadily adding items to our covers/ cards section so these are lots of new items there. We are also working on restoring lost images throughout our listings – qa painfully slow process.

For those who visit us via our web site, you will see us adding new items continuously. You might want to check more often for items you need. Don’t forget to check our Specials page – bargains to be found!



We have been using these abbreviations for nearly 50 years and forget that some of our customers are unfamiliar with all of them. (We can tell from all the questions we receive.) We used to list all of abbreviations on the first page of each price list but have stopped doing this to save space. Here is a listing of most of those abbreviations. If you use our web site these abbreviations are listed via the link “Purchase Terms” at the top of the home page.


ANK – NETTO Catalog

CAN or CANC – Cancel

CERT – Certificate

CL – Close

CPCR – Clipped corner
(2 Perfs or more)

CR – Crease

CTO – Cancelled to order


DT – Design Touches Perforations

EX – Expertized

FD – First Day

FERCH – Ferchenbauer catalog

G – Good (stamps have large defects)

G/VG – Good/Very Good (stamps have small defects)

HOFF- Hoffmann PPC

HOR – Horizontal

HR – Hinge remnants

HH – Heavily hinged

LG – Large

M or MAR – Margins

MI – Michel Catalog

NG – No gum

OP – On piece (on paper)

PR – Paper remnants

P – Poor

PC – Pen cancel or post card

PF – Plate Flaw

PPC – Picture postcard

RC – Rounded corner

SE – Straight Edge

SM – Small

SP – Setenant strip

SPC – Special Cancel

ST – Stain

TY – Tiny

TR – Tear

SCHAN – Schantl Catalog

Vert – Vertical


If you would like to receive new issues from Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein or Luxembourg let us know . We provide new issues on a quarterly or annual basis. Our normal service is to send one copy of each Scott listed issue to our customers. We can, however, provide any new issues in any quantity as long as we are notified in advance of issue. We can provide sheets, combinations, booklets, postal stationery, etc.

Contact us at:

R Schneider Stamps
PO Box 978

Office 618 975 2099
FAX 940 213 3596


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