American Philatelic Society – The premiere US collector’s organization

American Stamp Dealers Association – The ASDA site provides listing of dealer members and provides information on assisting collectors with estate evaluations.

APS Stamp Sales – American Philatelic Society stamp sale site.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Germania – Marken (in German)

Ask Phil Site operated by the Collectors Club of Chicago – superb range of information on all philatelic areas – start here first!

Austria/Germany Stamp Index- Mr Tanner Artesz is working on a listing of Austria and Germany stamps with images of each stamp identified by Scott and Michel catalog numbers. A work in progress.

Austria Netto CatalogListing of catalogs etc sold by ANK, with on-line ordering facility.

Austria Philatelic Society (US) The AUSPS is a US based philatelic organization for collectors of Austria philately – visit site to learn about current activities.

Austria Philatelic Society (GB) – The AUSPS counterpart in Great Britain.

Austria Chat groupChat group on Yahoo devoted to Austria philately.

Austria Post OfficeThe offical Austrian post office site – you can order new issues online.

James Bendon – Source for philatelic literature

Bund Philatelistischer Prufer e. V. –  Germany expertizer’s organization web site – with rules for expertizing and listings of current expertizer’s.

Ebay Stamp auctions – Stamp auction listed by individual lots – by far the best site to buy and sell for the average collector.

Expertizer Names and marks – Comprehensive listing of worldwide expertizers and their expertizer markings.

Expertizing rules – Information on stamps are expertized and marked.

Forgery Guide – an excellent resource to aid in identifying forgeries and reprints – especially those of early Austria and the German area.

Buro Krenz – Dealer in German stamps (in Germany)

Germany Post Office – You can buy directly from the German post office . Also lists current issues by stamp.

Heligoland Stamps – detailed information on all Heligoland stamps

History of the post card – covers the development and use of postcards since the 19th century.

HH Sales Limited – HH Sales Limited – specialists in philatelic literature of the world (largely second-hand), with regular postal sales and a large stock.

H.R. Harmer – Premiere US auction house for buying and selling collections.

Hungarian Philatelic Society of Great Britain – site provides information the society and about Hungarian philately. – Stamp Collector’s Portal. Free collection software, Stamps for sale and wanted, Stamp collector prices realized database, image galleries, and much more.

Internet Philatelic Dealers Association – site for internet stamp dealers which has a chat room for dealers and collectors.

KMP Auctions- EBay – like auction site with lots ofgood stamps being offered.

Liechtenstein News – Very useful site for general, historical, travel information about Liechtenstein. Also links to Liechtenstein post office.

Liechtenstudy Group –   US collector study for stamps and covers of Liechtenstein

Luxembourg Collectors Club – US philatelic group of Luxembourg stamp collectors.

Luxembourg net – Site with links to information sites pertaining to Luxembourg and Luxembourg philately (In French

Luxembourg Post Office – The official site for the Luxembourg Post Office

Michel Catalog English Guide – The introductory pages of Michel specialized catalogs translated into English. A great aid for new users of Michel catalogs!

National Stamp Dealers Association – Site of the NSDA provides philatelic information and listing of member dealers.

Philaguide – A great stamp site for finding contacts with other collectors, dealrs, and expertizers

Philanet – European web site with over three hundred links to stamp topic sites in European countries.

Philasearch – European site in English with links to other philatelic sites.

Philatelistenklub Merkur Innsbruck – The Philatelistenklub Merkur Innsbruck, founded in 1928, has a formal Partnership with the APS; reciprocal visits are encouraged and information exchanged. They publish a series of monographs on Austrian Philately (mainly Tirol-oriented) and held an International Exhibition in 2003.

Philatelic Resources – This site provides links to many other sites providing philatelic information.

Private Post ARGE – The German site for the Private Post Study Group of the ARGE. This site contians a wide range of information in German pertaining to the philately of the German Private posts of 1886 -1900.

Scott Stamp CatalogsAll Scott albums, catalogs and supplies are available at this site.

Stamp Collecting Software and Resources  – many links to philatelic related sites

StampontheWeb –   This site affords a myriad of information pertaining to all aspects of stamp collecting  – a great many links to philatelic sites.

Stamps of Asia – Auction web site offering stamps from Asian countries.

Stamp Paradise –  This site is a listing of worldwide philatelic sites from collectors to dealers.  A good site use to find information pertaining to a wide variety of philatelic subjects.

Stamp Auction Network – site lists many of the better auction houses with their catalog listings including on line bidding. An excellent resource for stamp auction bidders!

Stamp collecting at home – site has many links to articles directed to beginning stamp collectors.

Stamp collecting for all occasions – site has many links addressing stamp collecting topics

Sudetenland Postal History – Excellent presentation of Postal history of the Sudetenland from 1939 – 1945.

Stamp Finder – Sale site with stamps organized by Country and catalog number

Till Neumann – Dealer in German States and worldwide rare stamps & postal history.

Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society – good site for information of East Europe issues related to Austria and Germany.

Unistamps – Auction house in Israel – strong on Israel stamps and worldwide also. (can comminicate in English)

Verband Österreichischer Philatelisten-Vereine – VÖPh is the umbrella organisation for philately in Austria. Located in Vienna.