Spring has really arrived in northern Texas. Our last freezing weather was in mid-March. The trees and grass are green again and my garden plants are up and growing! The big difference between Illinois and Texas weather is that we have blue skies here almost every day – love it!
Our stamp sales have been really sensational since we moved here – I suspect though it is not Texas but because there are not too many dealers to be found these days with decent stocks of German and Austrian material. If we need something for a customer that is not in stock we have to go to European sources to find it.
This month we have updated our Austria Part 2 price list which includes semi-postals and the back of the book issues. We have added many rarely seen varieties to our normal stock on this list.
Next month we will up date our German states Part 2 list which starts with Helgoland and runs through Wurttemberg. We have quite bit of fresh material for this list also.
We have signed up to a stamp show in Oklahoma city in June.
The show is called OKPEX. It is held at the Reed Conference Center, Midwest City, OK on Friday and Saturday June 28-29. We have been asked often if we plan to do any more stamp shows and we plan to do a couple this year. If you can attend the show and want is to bring a particular section of our stock – or specific items you would like to view – let us know and we will do our best to bring what you want to see. (We plan to take some covers and our high value singles and sets only as it is too difficult for me to cart around bulky items.) We are looking forward to seeing some of our long time customers in this part of the country as well as making some new customers.


The Austria Philatelic Society (US) is entering its 19th year as a stamp club focusing on the Austrian area. We have members throughout the US and abroad. The club is anchored by its quarterly bulletin and twice a year stamp auctions.
If you collect stamps and/or covers from the Austrian area you should consider joining our group; we have members from beginners to extremely advanced collectors. Dues are still only $16 a year. Ask
us for a free sample bulletin and application. Check out our website at
If you collect Austrian stamps or covers give our club a try!!

Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalogs

The 2019 Germany specialized catalogs (Volume 1 and 2) will be released 5 April. Next month we will review the changes in this year’s versions. For those who already know they want the new catalogs they can order from Richard Hummel www.hummel-buch.de. His web site is in English and he has complete stock of the European published catalogs. The quoted prices include postage which is a real killer now – each catalog costs 90 Euro but postage is 46 Euro.

Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalog 2019 Band 1 (Germany Specialized 2015 vol. 1 – 1849 – April 1945), in German, MICHEL catalogue Germany specialized 2019, Vol. I: approx. 1232 pages, approx. 5900 color illustrations and approximately 95 000 price quotations
Postpaid : 136 Euro
Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalog 2015 Band 2 (Germany Specialized 2015 vol. 2 – from May 1945 – now), in German, approximately 1400 pages, approximately 8800 color illustrations and approximately 114,000 price quotations.
Postpaid 136 Euro
Payment can be made via PayPal.


We frequently remind our customers to please provide alternate choices on their orders. We wish we had an unlimited supply of stamps, but we do not. We always fill your first choices if we have them and use your alternate choices only when we are sold out of your first choices. By providing alternates you insure that you will get stamps and not a refund!
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