This month my eldest daughter Jill has joined our business full time.  Jill is a marketing director and has a lot of computer skills that I am lacking.  She is also a quick study and is already learning a great deal about Austria and Germany stamps. We have plans to expand our business and start doing stamp shows.  I now have two daughters helping me and plan to use them extensively in doing the stamp shows. Needless to say, I am most welcome for the new help!
This month we have updated  Germany proper Part “C” . This list starts with Scott 530-56 and goes through the Regular issues to 2014.
Next month we will update Austria Part 1 .  We will also make major efforts to expand our web site listings to more closely approximate our printed price lists.  So far we have about 26,000 individual listings.  We also hope to substantially increase the number of images of the stamps and covers being offered.


The new Michel specialized catalog for Austria has many  more prices changes than in the past 5-7 years.  All of the changes are increases and most are small, but there are some substantial increases here and there.
The very early issues show almost no price changes.  The first changes start in the 1880’s.
42I Ia** from 240 Euro to 280 Euro
* from 130 Euro to 150 Euro
44-9** 1400 euro to $1500 Euro
* from 570 Euro to 600 Euro
105A-117A* from 300 Euro to 340 Euro
119A-132A* from 200 Euro to 250
185-99** from 90 Euro to 110 Euro
Stamps from the inflation era through the 1930’s show increases throughout in both ** and * categories and only occasionally among used issues.  Increase for ** issues are usually more substantial than for * issues.  Also regular issues and lower priced issues show increases more often.  Semi-postal issues increase only here and there
255-74 ** from 9 Euro to 12 Euro
275-83** from 2.50 Euro to 9 Euro
284A-92A** from 10 Euro to 15 Euro
293-311** from 7 Euro to 15 Euro
There are only a few modest increases immediately after WWII and almost no changes from the 1950’s on.
Back of the book issues show fewer increases than the pre WWII issues but increases are scattered throughout.
P118-31** from 85 Euro to 125 Euro
* from 20 Euro to 35 Euro
U from 110 Euro to 130 Euro
53-72** from 110 Euro to 140 Euro
* from 25 Euro to 35 Euro
U from 110 euro to 130 Euro
1-2** from 80 Euro to 100 Euro
1-17** from 70 Euro to 100 Euro
U from 40 Euro to 60 Euro
22-42 ** from 130 Euro to 170 Euro
U from 110 Euro to 160 Euro
There are easily enough changes in this year’s catalog to justify upgrading your catalog.
If you need a catalog this year , we recommend Werner Zielniewicz – in Recklinghausen Germany. Werner is a truly customer oriented dealer who responds immediately to customer requests for information and supplies.  His web site is in English at


My comparison of prices this year is with the 2013 catalog – I passed on my 2014 version before I had a chance to compare it to the new catalog.
Overall there are a great many price changes affecting the stamps we stock this year.
Almost all of the price changes are for never hinged stamps – hinged and used stamps show few changes of any kind.  There are a great many price changes among never hinged issues – most but not all are upward.
11-16** from $50 to $71
18-46** from $28 to $41
54-69** from $1150 to $1039
74-86** from $350 to $503
160-55** from $50 to $66
Later issues show few changes
B1-3** $145 to $210
C1-6** from $335 to $518
O1-8** $965 to $1763
There are many price changes here also but the trend is downward.
1-3* $6675 to $4950
4 * from $175 to $130
U from $575 to $450
13 * from $225 to $200
U from $325 to $240
After 1880 price changes are smaller but still mostly downward
48-59* from $260 to $253
U from $283 to $239
After 1925 prices are very stable with occasional small changes.
B65A-65Q ** from $1000 to $1250
J23-36** from $13 to $22
Marienwerder has a few increases.
Memel has very few changes – all are small increases.
1-17 U from $244 to $265
Montenegro has pervasive strong increases.
3N1-9** from $190 to $375
* from  $77  to $170
U from $475 to $870
1N1-13 * from $3097 to $4460
U from $2050 to $3172.
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