This month makes an even two years that my daughter Jill has been working with me. She has made my job much, much easier. Given my back surgery in May she filled all of our orders during the past two months and answered most of the correspondence. I knew she was a professional when she started but have been most pleasantly surprised at how much she likes stamps and the stamp business. With Jill doing the yeoman work this past month I have been able to organize new acquisitions and update both price lists and our web site.

This month we have updated German Area Price List part D. This list brings of our German area (WWI and WWII occupations) listings up to date. Part D starts with Romania stamps and ends with

Next month we will update our Luxembourg price list. We have

one of the most comprehensive inventories of Luxembourg stamps to found in the US. We have priced these stamps to sell!

For those who visit the internet, keep watching our site for new listings as we are updating different sections of our offering regularly – adding new items and images we do so. We just bought an almost complete used German states collection which has no faults at all – just one very fine stamp after another. We will start adding these to our web site soon.

Austria – Ferchenbauer Catalog

Ferchenbauer Handbook of Austria 1850-1864 – published in 2008 is the most complete catalog of the period for Austria in the world. This handbook/catalog is published in four hardbound volumes and total well over 2000 pages of
information. This catalog includes everything philatelic pertaining to Austria during the period 1850-1864. It includes images of stamps and covers in the most accurate colors of any philatelic publication. One can identify shades accurately by comparing stamps to the handbook’s images!
Although in German, the catalog
listings are easy to use because of the detailed descriptions and the clear images. (The Austria Philatelic Society (US) has translated a good portion of this catalog already.) This catalog is for more advanced collectors who are acquiring covers and cards, or collect the many varieties that exist among the early stamp issues
The Handbook is available in the US only from our firm. The price is $340 Postpaid.


You have to be Houdini to find any price changes among Liechtenstein and Luxembourg listings. I found one – Luxembourg 318-20** went from $250 NH to $160.
Likewise German colonies reflected zero price changes.
In Marienwerder I noted
40-53 ** $130 to 180
* $57 to $77
U $61 to $50
Memel shows price changes throughout all listings. Most are moderate decreases for mint items and larger decreases for used items.
C1-7 * from $65 to $52
U from $264 to $243
N18-27 U $359 to $298
N31-43 U $520 to $423
N83-6 U $5700 to $4070
Some items on Price List German Area Part D
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