Two months after my back surgery I’m starting to feel human again. In the past ten days I’ve gained a tremendous amount of energy and am able to work full time again.
We finished our German area Part III price list which includes Estonia through Poland issues. This list has lots of new specialty items from Marienwerder and Memel. We are just now updating the countries included in this price list on our web site including adding images of the more expensive items. We should have all the new items add by mid-July.

Our next list will be Part 4 of our German area list – mostly Saar and Upper Silesia issues. We acquired a lot of new specialized material from Saar also. We also just acquired the most complete collection of Luxembourg that we have ever had. In addition to being close to complete, the condition throughout is consistently F/VF or better. We hope to start listing some of this collection on our web site very soon.
Scott 2017
Volume 3


The new Volume 3 which includes the German states, offices and Germany proper has close to zero price changes again this year. I found literally one or two insignificant price changes.

The only reason to buy this year’s copy is that you lost your current copy. I paid $115 for the new catalog.

MICHEL 2017 Catalogs

The new volumes 1 and 2 of the Michel Specialized Germany catalogs have been issued. I bought my copies from Richard Hummel in Germany. I also acquired my 2016 copy of the Michel Austria Specialized catalog from Herr Hummel . His web site can be viewed in English and offers a wide variety of collector supplies and catalogs. So far I
have found his prices fair and his service excellent.

Payment may be made via Paypal or US personal check.


The AUSPS was established in 2000 for collectors interested in Austrian area stamps and covers. Our club has members ranging from beginning collectors to extremely advanced and knowledgeable collectors.

Club activities are anchored by the quarterly journal and club auctions. New members are always welcome and needed. There is a July auction coming contains many lots of better Austrian area stamps and covers.

Our club is always seeking new members who have some interest in Austrian philately. If you are interested in Austrian philately give our club a try. Dues are only $16 a year within the US and $22 overseas. If you would like a sample copy of our club journal just ask us.

Our next auction is in mid-August – now is a good time to join!

Our Mailing Lists

Periodically we update our mailing list to remove inactive customers. If you have not bought from us within the past 12 months but wish to continue to receive our monthly price lists, please let us know and we will keep you on our mailing list.
If you have a computer but have not visited our web site, you should give it a look. We have many thousands of items listed and also have hundreds of pictures of the more expensive items. You can order directly on line. As we have price lists for 17 different collecting areas, and many of our customers collect only some of these areas, we have organized our mailing lists into the following categories
All – Lists for those who collect all areas we stock,
Austria – Lists for Austria and related areas.
Gal – Lists for Germany and all related areas – e.g. states, colonies and occupations.
Germany – Lists for Germany proper, Soviet Zone and DDR only.
GA – Lists for all German areas except Germany itself.
GS – German states only.
If you aren’t getting a category of lists that you want – just let us know!
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