We had another super busy month in June. As a result we are running a bit late in getting our July price list completed, mailed and on line. We will get it finished this week. We are also running behind in loading our scans of new acquisitions to our web site. We have about 700 hundred new items to add to our site listings.
A word about how we are filling orders – Jill fills all orders for Liechtenstein and DDR stamps. She will soon add Luxembourg and perhaps Austria to the areas for which she is responsible. So far splitting the workload is working well. When customers send us an order from areas stocked by each of us we will send two mailings to complete the order.
Note that we continue to offer our Liechtenstein stock with a 30% discount on all orders. We are going to discontinue stocking Liechtenstein stamps to better concentrate on our main areas Germany and Austria. If you collect Liechtenstein, now is the time to order because our stock is shrinking and we will not be adding to it.
This month we have updated our German Offices and Colonies Price list Part 2 which begins with German East Africa and continues through Togo. Next month we will update our DDR list.
Jill and I will be attending the Greater Mound City Stamp Show in Chesterfield Mo 19-20 August. We will be sure to take a lot of our new acquisitions to the show.


The new Michel Volumes 1 and 2 are available now.
If you decide to buy a new catalog this year, I recommend Richard Hummel’s service. His prices are competitive and his service is excellent. You can order on line at http://www.hummel-buch.de Mr Hummel accepts Paypal payments.


In late June Harmer Schau held an online auction which included about three hundred German area lots – most lots were the result of breaking up an advanced collectors German offices and colonies collection. The lots included all of the Scott listed issues and many forerunner issues and stamps with scarce cancels. The lots were consistently of high quality and often included items seldom seen at auction or in dealer stocks.
All of the lots sold! Almost every lot sold well above the estimated price. I bid on many lots and won very few. Most lots sold at full retail prices. Most lots were won by online bidders.
This auction demonstrated that good material still brings high prices and that there are many collectors willing to compete for better material!
I also looked at the results for the more common material from the German area and was surprised to see that these areas sold at higher than normal prices also.

Scott 2018

Volume 3

The new Volume 3 A which includes the German states, offices and Germany proper has more price changes in some sections than in recent years – almost all changes are price decreases.
German states prices remain constant with almost no changes at all.
German offices increase throughout but in small increments of about 5%.
The very early German issues #1 – 28, show decreases among * issues of 10%.
Almost all other German issues to the early semi- postals remain unchanged.
The early semi-postal issues show decreases among * and ** of about 5%.
Berlin shows no price changes.
DDR issues decrease throughout. The 1950’s issues show dramatic decreases of from 10% to 35%. (Note that Michel prices for the same issues remain unchanged from last year!)
58-67 ** was $116 now $89
82-4** was $325 now $205
After the 1950’s decreases are relatively small – in the 5% range.
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