We finally made it to Texas! This past month has really been hectic – getting 35 years of stuff ready to move was the biggest challenge.
We culled an even 3 1/2 tons of odds and ends that we concluded we could do without. That included a 35 year accumulation of GPS catalogs, APS journals, AUSPS “extra” copies, and piles of miscellaneous philatelic references, We could not find anyone who wanted most of the references.
Our move went pretty smoothly up until the point when the movers drove away. They told us to expect delivery over the holiday week end. We are still waiting for the household goods. The shipment includes much of our pre-1945 stock which is locked in three safes on the truck.
Our new home is close to perfect – it’s a thousand square feet larger than our previous home so we have tons of space. My office has wall to wall built in adjustable shelving which will hold all stock books and reference material. The built in desk is six foot long and four feet wide – slightly bigger than my old desk. All electronics are integrated into the wall units – and its all gorgeous. (Guess why I picked this house!) I also have an adjacent room for my safes so I do not have to look at them in the office.
Iowa Park is a thriving community of slightly over 6000 citizens – one gas station and one grocery store, We are 7 minutes from Wichita Falls and Sheppard AFB. Wichita Falls is noted for being the hottest city in the US not located in the desert – a fact I discovered a few minutes ago! The weather forecast for next week includes 5 days of 100 degree highs in a row. Our house is surrounded by large trees which provide shade pretty much continuously which really helps. As a retired military guy I have access to the Sheppard AFB facilities so that is a plus also.
Our new mailing address is PO Box 978 Iowa Park TX 76367. Our new office phone number effective now is 1 940 213 5004 . Our new FAX # is 1 940 213 3596. Our email address is still Rschneiderstamps@att.net Although we also use Rschneiderstamps@gmail.com. Actually we prefer the gmail address as gmail is more reliable than att.
We are going to have to skip printing a new price list for June. The delay in receiving our house hold goods has also delayed our access to some of our inventory and files. As soon as all is in place we will update some of our web site listings and start on a July list. Watch for our specials on our web site as will be putting up some really attractive offerings later this month.

The new Michel Germany Part I Specialized catalog is now available.
We compared this year’s issue very carefully with lat year’s issue and found very, very changes.
The German states revealed a few price increases of about 55 among * and ** issues with zero price changes among used issues. The increases were very scattered and of little significance.
There were no price changes among Deutsches Reich issues. The only changes noted were an increase in the number of stamp images fro long sets.
The German offices and occupations and the WWI/ WWII period issues revealed at best a few random increases here and there among * and ** issues but no significant patterns of increases.
All in all if you have a Volume I issued in the past 5 years, there is absolutely no need to acquire a new catalog!
I buy my Michel catalogs from Richard Hummel, Am Glaschen 23, 04420 Markranstadt, Germany.
I order my catalogs from his web site http://www.hummel-buch.de.
His website is in English and you can pay via PayPal. Each volume cost 106 Euro postpaid. The catalogs are always mailed immediately.


Much as Volume I, Vol II reveals very few price changes again this year.
There were no price changes among post WWII locals or the Soviet Zone. Surprisingly there were quite a few small increases among the 1950’s DDR issues. * and ** stamps increased 3-5% across the board. Later DDR issues remain unchanged.
Finally, there were almost no changes among Berlin and Bund issues. A few of the early Bund issues showed decreases of 3-5% among ** and * issues.
This year’s catalog matches last year’s catalog page for page until one gets to the 2017 new issues.
Again if you have a Michel Vol II that is less than 7 year’s old, the only reason to get a new catalog is to get the listings of new issues.
R Schneider
POB 978
OFFICE 940 213 5004
FAX 940 213 3596