This year I planted my first items in mid-February and everything is growing well – I love this Texas weather! I now have almost everything planted and growing. Last year I learned that early planting is the way to go because by mid-June we may have a streak of 100+ degree days which will kill plants in early stages of growth.

I’m getting around well now – graduated from using a walker to using a cane and hope to get rid of the cane in a month or so. I must admit I have enjoyed having someone else doing all of the heavy chores around the house!

We continue to be busier than ever with our stamp sales. Our biggest problem now is finding good collections to replace sold stock. Collections are selling at extremely high prices at auctions now. Demand for collections is higher in the US than in Europe. The place to buy is definitely overseas now. Fortunately we receive some really nice collections from long time customers who find it is time to sell and also from collectors who find us on our web site.

This month we have updated two price lists -our German area price list Part D which covers Romania through Zara and our Luxembourg price list. Luxembourg has experienced a lot of serious price decreases and collectors will find many significant price reductions on more expensive singles and sets. The reduction in prices are a result of lower demand as there are fewer collectors of Luxembourg now than in the past.

Next month we will update our Private post Part 2 list. Demand for these issues has remained strong as the availability of private post issues is extremely limited. We will also try to complete a price list for Austria related Yugoslavia issues. We have acquired an advanced collection of these and have a large assortment of one of a kind varieties.

2019 Year Sets

We have year sets now for 2019 complete either NH or used. 2019 was a prolific year for stamps issues in both Austria and Germany.

Germany complete ** or U is $225.

Austria ** or used is $241

Luxembourg ** or used is $ 71

Exchange Rate

In March 2018 the Euro was worth $1.22. In March 2019 the Euro was at $1.14. It is now $109. The Euro continues to fluctuate significantly in recent years. The stronger Euro makes buying in European auctions significantly more expensive for US customers.


I printed this a year ago and several customers said they filed it with their albums – just in case.

I receive many inquiries asking me for help in selling collections. Most inquiries come from family members who have inherited a collection. Most often they have no stamp collecting experience and little or no idea of the value of the inherited collection.

If you are a stamp collector you should maintain an inventory of your stamp collection for no other reason than to provide your family with a clue to the value of your collection. An inventory with catalog numbers and either purchase price or catalog values provides an excellent start for family members to know what to do with the collection.

A smart way to keep an inventory now is using your computer spreadsheet. It is easy to set up, record data, and easy to update. If you maintain a spreadsheet you should also print it out periodically and keep a copy in a safe place like your safety deposit box or home safe. You can also keep a copy with your stamp collection.

I have received collections accompanied by printed inventories listing items in the collection. Listing catalog numbers, whether the items are NH, hinged or used and their condition makes valuing the stamps a snap.

If you are not a collector and have no inventory and no idea what a collection is worth there are several places to go to get a start. Look up your local stamp clubs on line and then show up at one of their club meetings with stamps in tow. I am sure there will be knowledgeable collectors there who will like to give you an idea of what you have. You can also take the stamps to your local stamp dealer (if you have one). Most stamp dealers will give you a rough estimate of the value of your collection at no charge. Lastly you can visit your local library and look for the 6 volume set of Scott Stamp catalogs. If your collection is in a stamp album, the stamps are most likely sequenced in the same order that they are listed in the Scott catalogs. You can look for the price of your stamps in the catalogs. Keep in mind that the catalog prices are retail prices for stamps in fine/very fine condition. If you sell your stamps to a dealer you will get 25-50% of the catalog value for fine/very fine stamps and less for stamps in lesser condition.

Once you have at least a ball park idea of the value of your collection you are ready to sell. If you have a collection from a specific country or group of countries seek a dealer who specializes in that area. If your collection is worth thousands rather than hundreds of dollars you might consign your collection to an auction house. Auctions have the advantage of offering your stamps to many potential buyers but most auction houses don’t want to handle inexpensive collections as the selling process is costly.

Another suggestion is see if you can determine where the collector bought his stamps. If you can offer the collection to a dealer who sold the stamps to the collector you well might get a better price. I have been a dealer for 45 years and have bought back the same collection more than once!

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