Well we worked extra hard in April and were able to finish our next price list before my surgery. My daughter Jill is primed to do my work for me while I am in the hospital and for a week or two after that. She has been filling our orders for several months now and has gotten very good at it. Plus she makes fewer mistakes than her dad does.
This month we updated our German area list Part II which turned out to be completely Danzig. We have lots of Danzig! Next month we will try to update our Private Post list which is our oldest list. We finally bought enough material to merit a new list. Alternatively we will also try to work on the German area Part 3 list which will replace the old part 2 list. This list will contain issues from Estonia through Poland General Government.

Just like in the past several years, most of the pages in the new catalog exactly match last year’s edition.There are very few price changes in the German states area – most that exist are in Bavaria. All price changes are small increases – most increases are among NH issues.

A few of the more significant changes are

76-91 II ** 320 Euro to 400 euro

136-51** 25 Euro to 30 Euro. Several other long sets increase by 5 Euro NH.
Most official issues increased among NH issues.
D1-5 ** 18 euro to 23 Euro
D12-15 ** 80 Euro to 130 Euro.
7-15** 800 Euro to 900 Euro.
There are a very, very few price changes among Deutsches Reich issues – all are very minor.
There are no changes among German offices and colonies.
There are scattered increases spread through the WWI and WWII occupations.
1-9** from 360 Euro to 400 Euro
1-14 ** from 320 Euro to 370 Euro
1 I U from 300 Euro to 400 Euro
1 II U from 260 Euro to 400 Euro
1-2 ** 500 Euro to 850 Euro
1-14 ** from 420 Euro to 450 Euro
1-14 U 50 Euro to 65 Euro
1-6** 900 Euro to 1000 Euro
Pleskau has many NH increases throughout.
Serbia has many small NH increases throughout.
The propaganda issues section has been expanded and many issues increased in price.
Overall – most prices remained unchanged. Almost all changes were among NH issues but fewer than 1% of prices changed at all.
Belgium Military post section has been expanded with a lot of new perforation varieties.
Price changes are scattered throughout the WWII occupations – most are very modest increases. Michel also added mint hinged prices for most WWII issues.


This year I could find no change of any kind in the prices of the Austria or German related areas – zero!
The only reason for buying this year’s catalog over last year’s is to obtain a listing of the recent new issues.
I paid $110 delivered for my copy – that’s up $5 from last year.


The new Michel Germany Part II Specialized catalog is now available.
This year’s version of Volume II is essentially a reprint of last year’s catalog. I found no significant price changes.
If you have a Vol II issued during the pas t 5 years, the only reason for a new catalog is for the new issue listings.
.I bought my Michel catalogs from
Richard Hummel, Am Glaschen 23, 04420 Markranstadt, Germany.
I ordered in catalogs from his web site http://www.hummel-buch.de.
His website is in English