We continue to be busier than usual with the stamp business – that’s great. We have been gaining more new customers via our web site every month. We are not sure why but we love it!
This month we are updating two lists – German colonies Part I and Liechtenstein. There are no huge changes to either list – we just replaced a lot of sold out items in our German colonies stock and the Liechtenstein list was just plain old! There are a number of price changes both up and down.
Next month we will update our German colonies list Part 2. We are also working on revising our web site listings of covers and cards. We are going to add a lot more items and will create more cover sub-categories to make it easier for our customers to find what they are looking for.


Again this year the vast majority of pages in the new catalog exactly match last year’s edition. The big change this year is that the catalog has a hard board cover rather than the previous soft cover. The pages are the same size and on the same paper as before.

There are very, very few price changes in this years catalog. They occur here and there – almost all changes are for * and ** issues. Given the number of price changes I could find I would estimate that there may be fewer than 100 price changes in the entire catalog.
Here are a few of the changes that I found
11A** 500 Euro to 550 Euro
17a ** 700 Euro to 800 Euro
5* 3000 Euro to 3300 Euro
34 U 1200 Euro down to 1000 Euro
58* 800 Euro to 700 Euro
Deutsches Reich
1** 1700 Euro to 1800 Euro
78-81* 900 Euro to 800 Euro
84II-93 II ** from 28 Euro to 40 Euro
Block 3
** 7000 Euro to 6000 Euro
* 1800 Euro to 1500Euro
Block 11
** 340 Euro to 320 Euro
30-43** 170 Euro to 250 Euro
22-5 ** 280 Euro to 400 Euro
Upper Silesia
10-12** 250 Euro to 300 Euro
10F ** 550 Euro to 700 Euro
If you have last year’s catalog, there is little need for the new catalog!


Catalog prices for the Austrian and German areas have been 99.999% unchanged from the 2015 catalog through the new 2016 catalog.
This year I found almost no price changes of any kind for the Austrian and German areas. I found three price decreases on early mint hinged Austria issues. That was it.
I paid $110.43 delivered for my copy – that’s up another $10 from last year. If you use Volume I for only the Austrian and German related listings and have a 2010 or later version of Scott Volume I the only conceivable reason to buy a new catalog is get the numbers for the new issues.


The new Michel Germany Part II Specialized catalog is now available.
As has become customary for this catalog, This year’s version of Volume II has almost no changes from the previous years’ prices.
There are close to zero price changes for Bundesrepublik, Berlin and DDR issues.
Unless you want a catalog with the new hard bound cover, there is little reason to buy the catalog this year.

2015 Catalogs

Please remember that we no longer stock Scott or Michel catalogs. They are getting so expensive that we can’t afford to end up with unsold copies at the end of the year. Also – it is cheaper for you to buy the catalogs direct from stamp collecting supply dealers who buy in larger quantities and at a discount.
For Michel catalogs, we highly recommend Werner Zielniewicz, Frankenweg 61, 45665 Recklinghausen, Germany. The easiest and fastest way for you to order from Werner is via his web site at www.wernerziel.de. (His English is excellent and you can pay via US personal checks or PayPal.) (I receive new catalogs faster from Werner than from Scott Publishing!) Werner is also a great source for any European published albums or stamp collecting supply item.

Currency Rate

As we prepare this newsletter the Euro is trading at $1.10 That’s up a little bit from the Euro’s low point but still very favorable for US buyers!