We having been continuing to fine tune our web site.  The complete redesign turned out to have more glitches in than we expected – that probably sounds very familiar to those who have web sites…. but- we pretty much have the site like we want it and working smoothly.  Now we are focused on adding new items to our listings.  We have a great many stamps and images to add.
We are also moving along in our rearranging some of our stock to take to stamp shows and bourses.  Jill and Stacey are doing the lion’s share of work in getting this done.  We hope to do our first show by the end of this year.
This month we have updated  our Luxembourg price list which is very much due!
Next month we will update our Soviet Zone and locals list which is also long overdue for updating.  We have not updated this list because we had   little new material.  Not so now, the coming list has – by far- the best selection of post war local stamps and covers that we have ever had. If you collect this area do not miss this list!


Volume 6 has only a few German and Austrian areas but we found some price changes here and there.
Schleswig issues went up
1-14** from $14 to $40
* from $5.5 0 to $8.50
U from $5 to $ 15
15-28** $65 to $165
Serbia had a few modest price increases among NH issues
2NB9-22** $26 to $40
Slovakia had quite a few small increases throughout – mostly among NH issues.
2-23** from $325 to $336
25b** $30 to $1800!!
33b** from $3 to $15
A few small increases in the German Togo and a few bigger increases among the British protectorates.
42* from $10,000 to $11,000
56* from $2,100 to $2,750
151-62* from $1,581 to $2,011
Upper Silesia
10** from $400 to $450
15-31** from $56 to $65, U from $15.60 to $22
O39-51 U from $12.60 to $31
Yogslavia (Laibach) no changes
Western Ukraine
A very few increases
26* from $600 to $800

We Buy Stamps

We periodically list the types of stamps that we need to buy.  We have been buying stamps for 45 years and have a very decent stock of the German and Austrian areas.  In some areas, particularly the post WWII issues we have a life time supply of stamps.  Here is a listing of the types of stamps we really need to buy:
German offices and colonies – never hinged and hinged.
Eastern Europe WWII occupations – Estonia, Lithuania, Pleskau, and the Sudetenland.
Early Germany color varieties – MI 38 – 244 – mint and used
Montenegro – Austrian and German occupations
Austria and Austria Occupation Feldpost issues – mint and used
German private post issues

Our Price Lists

We mail at least one price list every month.  We try to send you only those price lists that you want.  Following are all of the price lists we publish.  If there are any that we publish which you don’t receive but want, just let us know the additional lists that you wish to receive.

  • Austria and related areas
  • Austria covers, cards and Ganzsachen
  • Germany proper
  • German WWI and WWII  occupations
  • German Private Posts
  • German Zusammendrucke
  • German Offices and Colonies
  • German States
  • German area covers and cards
  • DDR
  • Soviet Zone and Post War Locals
  • Luxembourg
  • Liechtenstein
  • Private Post
  • Year Groups

Keep in mind that we review our mailing lists often and try to limit our mailings to active collectors.  If you have not made a purchase during the past year, your name may be deleted from our mailings.  If you haven’t ordered anything in a long time but you still want our lists please let us know.


It is not too early to start letting your family know what you want for Christmas.  As the holiday season approaches , may I suggest you drop your Christmas want lists with your loved ones – Some of my customers’ best stamps come to them at Christmas.  We always get quite a few orders from family members for Christmas presents – almost always because the collector thought to provide want lists for family members!  If you are tired of sweaters and ties for Christmas you might try distributing Christmas want lists for stamps.  (By the way, we will always exchange stamps if you get the wrong ones!)
We also offer Gift certificates in any amount from $25 up. We give a 5% discount on any certificate (This works out to giving the collector an extra 5% above normal discounts.). Certificates can be purchased via MC/Visa or PayPal.  The advantage of a gift certificate is that collector can decide which stamps to order!


The AUSPS (US) was organized  in 2000 to provide a forum  for those interested in Austrian related philately. We try to offer something for beginners and advanced collectors alike. We have members in the US and abroad ranging from those just beginning to collect the Austrian area to some who are extremely advanced.
Our quarterly bulletins include a variety of articles with lots of illustrations in color. We also conduct two club auctions a year which offer a wide variety of Austrian related stamps, cards and covers at very attractive prices!
We will send you a free sample copy of our club journal upon request.
Dues are only $15 a year for US members and $22 a year for overseas members.  Now is a perfect time to join as the dues year runs from January through December.  Dues can be sent to me as I function as the club secretary.
Contact us:
R Schneider
PO Box 23049
Belleville IL 62223
OFF 618 277 6152
FAX 618 277 1050
email: RSchneiderStamps@att.net