After three years here in north east Texas I should be getting used to the different weather patterns than we had in Illinois. We had a very mild summer this year with only two 100 degree days and the pick the time and date of the first 103 degree contest when uncompleted. Nevertheless we are still having mid 80- low 90 degree weather at the end of September. In late August I planted second crops in my garden as my tomato plants finally stopped producing. Last year my lettuce and onions made it through the winter so I am trying a wider variety this year – it’s a lot of fun watching everything grow. Gardening is a snap when you have hired help to do all of the heavy work! So far my zoysia grass is still bright green. In Illinois it starts to brown at this time of year. I suspect the Zoysia might stay green well into winter here.

This month we have updated our German area list Part C which covers Estonia through Marienwerder. We are working on our Zusammendrucke list for the Deutsches Reich for November. It has been two years since we updated this list. There have been quite a few price changes in that period both up and down. We also have added quite a few items to the list.

We will also update our Specials page on our web site in the ext few days so if you use the internet – take a peak. By the way- our $175 treasure boxes continue to be great sellers. They are best for those who like to dig through lots of stuff ad those who do a lot of trading with friends.


We have not changed our shipping rates in over ten years. Meanwhile the Postal system has steadily increased mailing and insuring rates. So effective 1 October we have changed out shipping fees as follows:

US and Canada
Orders under $50 – $3.00
Orders over $50 and under $200 – $4.50
Orders over $200 and under $500-$7.00
Orders over$500 and under $1000-$14
Orders over $1000 – FREE

Orders under $50 – $3.50
Orders over $50 and under $200 – $5.50
Orders over $200 and under $500-$10
Orders over$500 and under $1000-$20
Orders over $1000 – FREE


We are ending the 21th full year of the Austria stamp club. If you are a collector of Austrian stamps and covers you should consider joining our group. We publish a quarterly bulletin in color and hold two auctions a year. Our next auction will be included with the January bulletin. Our club auction offer a wide variety of Austria related stamps and covers for very reasonable prices.

Dues are still only $16 a year for our US members and $23 a year for overseas members. You can join by sending us your check now. Dues received from now through December will cover the 2021 membership year.

If you would like to see one of our club bulletins to help you decide , we will send you one.


Stamps We Need

We are frequently asked if we buy stamps – really. After 46 years of stamp dealing, we do have a sizable stock, but we are always in need of some stamps. We can always use the really scarce singles and sets – items cataloging $200 and up. We also like Michel listed varieties of all kinds but especially color varieties.

Here are some of the areas that we most need including even the less rare items-

Austria – #1 to 32 and Germany #1 – 116 mint hinged and never hinged issues. We particularly like Michel and ANK listed varieties.

German private post stamps – all

German offices and colonies – mint hinged and never hinged.

Post WWII local issues for Germany.

German states – mint issues for all areas.
Glossary of Symbols

These are the symbols most frequently used in our price list descriptions.




ANK – Austria Netto Catalog

CAN or CANC – Cancel

CERT – Certificate

CL – Close

CPCR – Clipped corner

(2 perfs or more)


CTO – Cancelled to Order

DG – Disturbed gum

DT – Design touches perforations

EX – Expertized

FD – First Day

FERCH – Ferchenbauer catalog

F/VF – stamps is sound without flaws and nicely centered.

G – GOOD (Stamps will have large defects – a step above throwing it away)

G/VG – GOOD/VERY GOOD (Stamps will have small defects but look nice)

HOFF- Hoffman ppc

HOR – Horizontal

HR – Hinge remnants

HH – Heavily hinged

LG – Large

M or Mar- Margins

MI – Michel Catalog

NG – No gum

OP – On Piece

P – Poor – keep only if stamp is truly rare.

PC – Pen cancel or postcard

PF – Plate flaw

PPC – Picture postcard

PR – Paper remnants

RC – Rounded corner

SCHAN – Schantl catalog

SE – Straight edge

SP – Setenant strip

SPC – Special cancel

ST – Stain

TY – Tiny

TR – Tear

Vert – Vertical