We are still experiencing really nice summer weather. Wichita Falls runs a TV contest each year to pick the day of the first 103 degree temperature. Last year we hit 103 in early June. So far we have not come close this year. Needlesstosay – that is not a problem. We have had a most pleasant, green summer in this area. My garden is just finishing up with the tomatoes and peppers and I have planted fall crops just to see what happens. Last fall I planted onions and lettuce and both flourished through the entire winter even when we had a week of below freezing temperatures.

Business has been quiet compared to last winter and spring – I suspect everyone is trying to catch up on all the things they could not do during the COVID epidemic. We have taking advantage of the slower pace to organize our stock – a process that is never complete. We have been able to catch up on updating some of our hard copy price lists and our web site listings. This month we have updated our private post price list past two, We have also posted all changes to private post listings on line too.

Next month we will update our German area list part 2 which includes Estonia through Marienwerder.

The latest postal increases in August are causing us to review are shipping rates- we have not increased are shipping rates in over 15 years and they have steadily edged upward. Insurance and registration costs have gone up must more than the actual postage rates.. As the quality of postal service declines we are forced to insure just about everything we mail.


Auction houses in both Europe and the US have been achieving better and better results for the past two years.  Auction results vary significantly from auction house to auction house. In the US the best results for selling collections are achieved by Rasdale Stamp Auctions in Chicago and Kelleher Stamp Auctions in Danbury CT. Rasdale Auctions just completed an auction in mid August. Just about all of their collection listings sold and almost all sold substantially above estimates. Naturally I watch the auctions most closely for the Austria and German area lots but also look over results in other areas. Rasdale lists individual lots and collections but their specialty has always been collections. Another auction house which offers good material and achieves good results is Dutch Country Auctions in Wilmington DE.

All US auctions do Both auction house excellent business practices are very efficient and fair – they treat their clients exceptionally well – both buyers and sellers.

For better singles and sets, Cherrystone Auctions in New York City is my favorite for both buying and consigning. Paul Buchsbayew, owner, provides first class service and does a superior job of describing his lot listings. The only negative about Cherrystone is that they specialize in advanced material and individual lots and have little interest in most Scott listed
“regular” stamps.

For individual items, especially advanced material, European auction have more extensive offerings and more buyers and sellers. Also there are more reputable stamp auction houses than can be found in the US. For US customers though buying and selling in Europe is a more complex, time consuming, and expensive process than in the US. Fortunately in recent years the bigger auction houses have permitted payment by credit card which greatly eases and expedites payment for auction lots. Consignment procedures are another story – for another time.

Most of the bigger European auction houses do very well with both individual lots and collections – they have offerings in both categories. The auction houses I like best are Heinrich Kohler in Wiesbaden, HBA in Hamburg, Wurttembergisches in Stuttgart, and Rapp AG in Switzerland.

If you have questions about buying or selling at auction please ask us and we will do our best to provide you answers.


MAINZ  A1-2 USED  f/vf $100

KIEL B1** F/VF $160

MAINZ MI D7-12  used  VF $575