The St Louis Stamp Expo was very well attended by collectors this year despite winter like cold weather. The show was most successful for us sales wise but I’m afraid I’m getting too old for three day stamp shows, The work involved in setting up and taking done the stamps at our table is just too hard on my back. As a result I doubt that I will do future shows.
We sold a lot of specialized Austria and, of course, German offices and colonies at the show. Covers and cards were popular as always at shows. We sold about 400 covers to collectors and dealers at the show.
Jill continues to take more of her dad’s workload. As of this month she fills all orders for stamps issued after WWII. When you order older and newer stamps in the same order you will receive two mailings. This arrangement greatly helps me manage my workload and ensures that all orders are immediately completed and mailed to you.
This month we have updated our German Offices and Colonies Part Price list. We have worked hard to restock this area and have also added quite a few new items especially the New Britain stamps.
Next month we will publish another Austria price list – we will try to organize either post world war II locals of Bosnia for that list. We have many, many new items in both areas – all the Scott listed items and many Michel and ANK varieties.


The Austria Philatelic Society (US) is entering its 18th year as a stamp club focusing on the Austrian area. We have members throughout the US and abroad. The club is anchored by its quarterly bulletin and twice a year stamp auctions.
If you collect stamps and/or covers from the Austrian area you should consider joining our group; we have members from beginners to extremely advanced collectors. Dues are only $16 a year. Ask us for a free sample bulletin and application. Check out our website at
If you collect Austrian stamps or covers give our club a try!!


We frequently remind our customers to please provide alternate choices on their orders. We wish we had an unlimited supply of stamps, but we do not. We always fill your first choices if we have them and use your alternate choices only when we are sold out of your first choices. By providing alternates you insure that you will get stamps and not a refund!

Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalogs

The 2018 Germany specialized catalogs (Volume 1 and 2) will be released in April. Next month we will review the changes in this year’s versions. For those who already know they want the new catalogs they can order from Richard Hummel His web site is in English and he has complete stock of the European published catalogs.
Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalog 2018 Band 1 (Germany Specialized 2018 vol. 1 – 1849 – April 1945), in German, MICHEL catalogue Germany specialized 2018, Vol. I:
approx. 1422 pages, approx. 8810 col. ill. and approx. 114 000 price quotations
Post paid : 84.02 Euro
Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalog 2015 Band 2 (Germany Specialized 2018 vol. 2 – from May 1945 – now), in German, approx. 1232 pages 54,000 col. ill. and approx. 95,000 price quotations.
Postpaid 84.02 Euro


We have been in the process of discounting our Liechtenstein stamps with the intent of deleting all Liechtenstein items from our inventory. We have sold quite a bit more Liechtenstein stamps than usual but have not sold the majority of our stock. We will continue our discount for several more months and then consign the remainder to auction. We are currently offering a 40% discount from our regular prices. If you collect this country, now might be the time to acquire your needed items!
Here are two examples of overprint errors on the 1945 Austria overprints on the Hitler head stamps.

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