The surgery I thought I would have in March is now scheduled for early May. The bad part is that the surgeon determined I needed more serious surgery on my spine which will require up to a year of recovery – ugh. He says that I will not be able to lift anything for the whole year – including stamp albums. It is going to be a long year. Fortunately my daughter Jill has been working with me for almost two years now and she is fully able to handle most of the stamp sorting and filling of orders.
Since I had no surgery last month I was able to complete an update of our German area part I price list. This list has greatly expanded again so we are now splitting Part I into two lists – we are stopping with Croatia and putting Danzig into Part II – we will end up with four parts to our German area price lists. This month our new list will include a huge amount of specialized Croatia. We used Scott and Michel catalogs whenever possible but had to go to the Croatia published specialized catalog “PS Croatia” to list many of the varieties. We also tried to add more extensive descriptions of many of the varieties to help those without access to the PS catalog. Needlesstosay many of the varieties are one of a kind so act accordingly.
Next month we may skip a price list update depending on how long it takes me to recover from surgery. If possible we will update our German area Part II price. We have a great dealer of new material for this list too.
We just completed doing the St Louis Stamp Expo. The attendance this year was much higher than last year and we had excellent sales – far better than we expected! The most popular items for us were German offices and colonies, German states and covers and cards from all German areas. We met a lot of customers for the first time who we have been doing business with for many years – always fun. We met one gentleman who had been a customer throughout the ‘80’s stopped collecting and is now restarting again!
We have been working on expanding the number of images displayed on our web site. We have almost 1000 images set up to add to our site. The process is really time consuming so it may take a while for us to get these images displayed. We are trying!


The Austria Philatelic Society (US) is entering its 16th year as a stamp club focusing on the Austrian area. We have members throughout the US and abroad. The club is anchored by its quarterly bulletin and twice a year stamp auctions.
If you collect stamps and/or covers from the Austrian area you should consider joining our group; we have members from beginners to extremely advanced collectors. Dues are only $16 a year. Ask us for a free sample bulletin and application. Check out our website at
Now is a good time to join – we are having a really big club auction which closes in mid-May. This auction has many big bargains listed and some very scarce items also. If you collect Austrian stamps or covers give our club a try!!


We frequently remind our customers to please provide alternate choices on their orders. We wish we had an unlimited supply of stamps, but we do not. We always fill your first choices if we have them and use your alternate choices only when we are sold out of your first choices. By providing alternates you insure that you will get stamps and not a refund!

Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalogs

The 2016 Germany specialized catalogs (Volume 1 and 2) will be released this week. Next month we will review them.
Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalog 2016 Band 1 (Germany Specialized 2016 vol. 1 – 1849 – April 1945), in German, about 1,184 pp, 5,300 illustr., colored
Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalog 2016 Band 2 (Germany Specialized 2016 vol. 2 – from May 1945 – now), in German, about 1,408 pp, 8,500.illustr., colored,
We ordered our catalogs online at
His web site is in English and you can pay via via Paypal.
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