Sales this year have been much higher than usual which keeps us always behind in getting things done. We of course, prefer that to the alternative. Demand has been highest for German offices and colonies, world war II occupations, and German states.
This month Jill and I will be at the Greater Mounds Stamp Club show the 19th and 20th of August
in Chesterfield Missouri. As you know we don’t attend many stamp shows, so we hope to see some of our regular customers at the show. We will be sure to take a lot of our recent acquisitions to the show to make it interesting for our customers. We will also probably do another show in Illinois in October.
This month we have updated our DDR price list. Our stock of DDR is pretty complete so there are not a great many additions. We did acquire some of the Michel listed back of the book official issues which we rarely have in stock. The big change in our listings is the revision of our selling prices to reflect the downward trend in demand for DDR stamps. The majority of mint never hinged and used sets decline significantly in price – sometimes as much as 40%.
I’m not sure which of our lists we will update for September – it will probably be our Austria list Part I as it has been a year and a half since we updated that one. The other possibility is our German area – part I list.
For those who visit the internet, keep watching our site for new listings as we are updating different sections of our offering regularly – adding new items and images as we do so. We did add about 400 new items with images in July and hope to add 400 more items in August.
Austria – Ferchenbauer Catalog
Ferchenbauer Handbook of Austria 1850-1864 – published in 2008 is the most complete catalog of the period for Austria in the world. This handbook/catalog is published in four hardbound volumes and total well over 2000 pages of
information. This catalog includes everything philatelic pertaining to Austria during the period 1850-1864. It includes images of stamps and covers in the most accurate colors of any philatelic publication. One can identify shades accurately by comparing stamps to the handbook’s images!
Although in German, the catalog
listings are easy to use because of the detailed descriptions and the clear images. (The Austria Philatelic Society (US) has translated a good portion of this catalog already.) This catalog is for more advanced collectors who are acquiring covers and cards, or collect the many varieties that exist among the early stamp issues
The Handbook is available in the US only from our firm. The price is $340 Postpaid. (We just recently restocked a few sets as we were sold out for a couple of months.)


2018 listings for the area we stock are much reprints from last year. I could find no price changes for either Liechtenstein or Luxembourg.
Most of the German related areas show very, very few price changes – none of real significance
40-53* was $180 now $200
Marshall Islands
1-6* was $665 now $645.
Memel – zero price changes.


Lubeck SC 2 used 4 margins
on piece VF $1500

Mecklenberg Schwerin SC 4
Used VF $1800

Bavaria Michel F1 ** VF
expertized $325

Hannover SC 24 * 4 margins HR VF $275

Austria N15 * F/VF $450

Austria SC P5 variety
Michel 16b * VF $750