We are just about completely settled in here in Iowa Park. We had ten days in a row of 100+ weather which included three days over 110. So far there have been 25 days over 100 degrees this year but they still brag about 100 100 degree days in 2011! August is supposed to be the hottest month – whee!
Germany and Austria just raised their postal rates again generating a flood of new issues to accommodate the new rates. Sometimes I wonder if they change the rates specifically to generate more sales to collectors. In the 60’s and 70’s you could buy the new issues for a complete year for $20-$30. Now we are approaching $200 a year.
This month we have updated our Germany Part D price list which cover German semi-postal issues. Last year we sold many of our Michel listed plate flaw varieties and were almost sold out but were fortunate to buy an extensive WWII period collection which included many varieties. Please note that most of our price lists still show Belleville IL as our location. These lists are still valid until replaced but , of course, our mailing address is Iowa Park Texas.
Next month we will update our German area price list Part C 1 which will include Estonia through Marienwerder. (Part C is being broken into two parts as it has grown too large. Part C 2 will include Memel through Poland.
We are also working on organizing the vast Austria estate collection we bought last year and will be adding more new items to pour web site this month. We will add a few items on page 2 of this newsletter which are examples of what are included in the collection.

Austria – Ferchenbauer Catalog

Ferchenbauer Handbook of Austria 1850-1864 – published in 2008 is the most complete catalog of the period for Austria in the world. This handbook/catalog is published in four hardbound volumes and totals well over 2000 pages of
information. This catalog includes everything philatelic pertaining to Austria during the period 1850-1864. It includes images of stamps and covers in the most accurate colors of any philatelic publication. One can identify shades accurately by comparing stamps to the handbook’s images!
Although in German, the catalog listings are easy to use because of the detailed descriptions and the clear images. (The Austria Philatelic Society (US) has translated a good portion of this catalog already.) This catalog is for more advanced collectors who are acquiring covers and cards, or collect the many varieties that exist among the early stamp issues
The Handbook is available in the US only from our firm. The price is $340 Postpaid. (We have only a few sets left.)