We switched our web site to the new version last month.  Like all computer software – you never find all the problems until you actually start to use it.  We found lots of small “glitches” in how everything works but overall things have gone very well.  The biggest problem remaining is for my daughter to finish training me on how to make changes.  When I was in the military I used to teach computer systems – things have progressed just a bit since then!
This month we are updating our German Colonies price list Part II. We have updated the list several times in the past two months but before we could print it were overrun with changes in our stock. (I noted some significant price decreases in the new Scott Volume III yet find the colonies stamps selling as fast as I can acquire them.  Colony collections are also selling at high prices at stamp auctions.)
Next month we will update our Germany Part II list – mainly because there are a lot of printing errors in the current list and also to continue realign the Germany price lists. Price List Part II will become Part C.


This year Scott made a large number of price changes in the German related areas.  Most changes are in the 5-20% range and they span all three categories – **, * and U.  There is no overall consistent pattern in whether the changes are increases or decreases.
[one_third class=”” last=”no” ]German Colonies and Offices show just occasional price changes and most are down.
Ger East Africa 1-5* from $220 to $178
Ger New Guinea 7-19* from $265 to $228.
German states have a few changes throughout – all the #1’s showed a price change.
1 U from $2000 to $2200
31* from $640 to $675
77-91* from $129 to $109
4* from $275 to $500
1* from $125 to $100
Hanover shows changes throughout
1* from $4000 to $3250
2-6* from $650 to $500
1* from $7200 to $8000
6* from $7200 to $6500[/one_third]
[one_third class=”” last=”no” ]Wurttemberg
6* from 1450 to $1750
Germany 1 through Germany 529 show changes in many items – most are price increases.
1* from $190 to $225
29-35* from $4267 to $$4675
36* from $65 to $75
U from $3.50 to $5.25
52-61** from $795 to $650
* from $129 to $145
U from $13 to $14
65C-74* from $424 to $510
There are many changes from the inflation era through WWII -.  Most are minor increases in all three categories
350 ** from $125 to $135
* from $33 to $38
U from $15 to $15
398-400 ** $249 to $260
* from $39 to $45
505-27** from $23 to $50
* from $10 to $12
U from $83 to $145[/one_third]
[one_third class=”” last=”yes” ]There are many small changes through the late 1990 issues. Early semi-postal issues show increases in all three categories
B33** $1200 to $1250
* from $375 to $440
U from $1500 to $1600
Modern semi-postals show both small increases and decreases.
Air mail issues show increases.
C40-2**from $3050 to $3200
* from $670 to $745
U from $985 to $985
Back of the book issues show almost no price changes of any kind.
Berlin and DDR show almost no price changes of any kind.[/one_third][space]
Bottom  line – it’s finally time to acquire a new Volume III.


The AUSPS was established in 2000 for collectors interested in Austrian area stamps and covers.  Our club has members ranging from beginning collectors to extremely advanced and knowledgeable collectors.
Club activities are anchored by the quarterly journal and club auctions. New members are always welcome and needed.  There is a July auction coming contains many lots of better Austrian area stamps and covers.
Our club is always seeking new members who have some interest in Austrian philately.  If you are interested in Austrian philately give our club a try.  Dues are only $15 a year within the US and $22 overseas. If you would like a sample copy of our club journal just ask us.
Our next auction is in mid-August – now is a good time to join!


About a year I mentioned there appeared to be a trend in auction houses fees.  Twenty years ago the biggest auction houses charged 10% commission to both the buyer and the seller.  By 2011 the typical auction house in the US was charging 15% and the European houses $18 %.
Guess what – the auction fees continue to rise.  Major European auction houses are charging up to 24% commissions to buyers now.  US auctions are charging buyers 18%! Other rates:

  • Regency 18%
  • Siegel’s 15%
  • Sandafayer (Eng) 17%
  • Felzmann – 20%
  • Gartner Auctions 22%
  • Darmstater Auction 24%
  • Sothebys – 20%
  • Alan Blair – 10%
  • Sam Houston Philatelics – 15%
  • Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions – 18%
  • Matthew Bennett – 15%
  • Heinrich Köhler – 15%

Of Note – Auction houses often charge 3-4% fees for processing credit cards.


Both of these catalogs are now available for 2014. They can be acquired from Werner Zielniewicz on his web site – http://www.wernerzielnet.com
I will review both catalogs next month so stay tuned!