This month completes our first year back in Texas. It has been a busy year – our stamp business has increased substantially in this past year and I very much need my daughter Jill’s help to keep up.
Spring is about over here- we are getting into summer like weather. We have had our first 90 degree days and our yard and garden have taken off. We have had lots of rain this year and we have not had to water any of our plants which is very unusual for this part of the country.
We are going to attend our first show since moving here at the end of June. We will be at OKPEX June 28-29. The show is located at the Reed
Conference Center, 5800 Will Rogers Road, Midwest City, Oklahoma. We will be at table 15 just inside the entrance to the show. We hope to see some of our regular customers at the show as well as meeting some new customers. If you plan to attend the show and want to see specific categories of stamps let us know via phone or email and we be sure to bring what you are interested in to the show.
We have been seeking new stock for our customers as some areas of our stock have been serious depleted by sales. We have acquired large collections of German offices and colonies and German states which we are now starting to work into our listings.
We are also reworking all of our listings of covers and cards on our web site this month. Many of the items currently listed were sold and some were misplaced during our move to Texas. In the next couple of weeks we will remove our current listings and replace them with completely new listings.
This month we are mailing our updated Deutsches Reich zusammendrucke price lists.

In July we will update our German area Price List A which includes stamps from Albania through Danzig. We will also update our Bund zusammendrucke list.

We finally received this year’s catalog – our first attempt was lost by our postal folks. The wait was not worth it though.
As has been true for the past ten years, there have been almost no changes of any kind to the Michel catalogs. They used to update selected sections almost every year in great detail- the last such update I can recall was the zusammendrucke listings about ten years ago. Given a very stable market for German stamps there have been almost no price changes at all year after year. The bottom line is that if you have a catalog printed in the last ten years, it is close enough to the current market to be of practical use.
This year we found no significant price changes at all. Page after page of the new catalog matches last year’s version word for word.
I buy my Michel catalogs from Richard Hummel, Am Glaschen 23, 04420 Markranstadt, Germany.
I order my catalogs from his web site
His website is in English and you can pay via PayPal. This year this volume cost $199 postpaid. His catalogs are always mailed immediately.

Stamps We Need

We are frequently asked if we buy stamps – really. After 40 years stamp dealing, we do have a sizable stock, but we are always in need of some stamps. We can always use the really scarce singles and sets – items cataloging $200 and up.
Here are some of the areas that we most need including even the less rare items-
WWII German occupations – all except Bohemia and the General Government.
German private post stamps – all
Germany Post WWII locals
German states – mint issues for all areas.
German setenants never hinged – Particularly issues from 1920 -1935 and early Berlin issues.
Of course we also buy complete collections. When it becomes time for you to sell your collection please remember us.


I have been recommending that our customers give this publication a try. This magazine is the newest and, I believe, the best periodical published today. Published by the American Stamp Dealers Association, this monthly magazine contains articles intended for both dealers and collectors. There is more philatelic information in one 80 page issue than a year’s worth of some other stamp publications.
The magazine has many contributors who write articles in each issue and always has articles on a wide variety of philatelic topics covering worldwide philately. The quality of the printing and photographs is top notch making the magazine a real pleasure to read.
If you subscribe to but one philatelic publication, I would recommend this one.
A one year subscription costs $19.95 from ASDA, PO Box 692, Leesport PA 19533.
R Schneider
POB 978
OFFICE 940 213 5004
FAX 940 213 3596