The big news for us is that we are going to be moving at the end of May. We are moving to Iowa Park Texas – located next to Wichita Falls Texas which is about 15 miles from the Oklahoma state line. We bought a gorgeous house in a tiny town which we very much look forward to.
As most of you know, my daughter Jill and I have been working together for several years and now will be physically collocated again. This will make my business life a lot easier.
We are trying to coordinate our move to minimize the impact on our stamp business but there will a short period when we will not be able to fill orders. We expect to be in transition from 20 May to 1 June. Orders which arrive during that period will most likely post to you on Monday 4 June. We can be contacted during this period via email at You can also reach us via email at our Email address.
Our new mailing address is PO Box 978 Iowa Park TX 76367. Our new office phone number effective 25 May will be 1 940 213 5004 . Our new FAX # is already in effect – it is 1 940 813 3596.
Our price list for May Is a new list for Bosnia. Our printed list accompanies this newsletter but our updated on line list is running a bit late due to the ongoing move. We hope to get the revised Bosnia list uploaded this month with images for the more expensive items but we are getting backlogged.
Our June price list will either be skipped or be finished in mid June – it depends on how quickly we can get organized in Texas. When I was in the military I could get organized after a move in a couple of days – 30 years later I’m a tad slower to adjust. We have a huge backlog of newly acquired material for our lists but just have not had the time to get the material organized and on our lists and web site. This particularly true for the Austrian area as we have not listed 75% of the huge estate collection we bought last year. In the process of packing we have uncovered box after box of covers and cards when we have accumulated over the past thirty years and put aside until we had time to organize them. We plan to get to these this year also!
For those who are looking for used albums which we have sometimes offered – we must disappoint you – to reduce the volume we are transporting to Texas we pitched every used album along with many, many philatelic publications which we have stored away in the hope of eventually organizing them for our library. Again – literally 30 years of publications.


This year’s catalogs are in two volume sets as they were last year.
With regard to changes in the Austria listings in this year’s catalog – there are none. I could not find one change in the listings or the prices any where in the Austria section. (No changes to Bosnia listings either.) This was true for last year’s catalog also. The only reason to purchase a new catalog in your old one is less than 7 year’s old is to get the catalog numbers for the recent issues.
If you do buy a new catalog – the postpaid price we paid from Amos Media is $116.24.


The new Michel Germany Part I Specialized catalog is now available.
Due to our move we will not be able to review the catalog until next month.
I buy my Michel catalogs from Richard Hummel, Am Glaschen 23, 04420 Markranstadt, Germany.
I order my catalogs from his web site
His website is in English and you can pay via PayPal. Each volume cost 106 Euro postpaid. The catalogs are always mailed immediately.
Until 20 May
R Schneider
PO Box 23049
Belleville IL 62223
618 277 6152
618 277 1050 FAX
After 20 May
R Schneider
POB 978
OFFICE 940 213 5004
FAX 940 213 3596