We have now been in our new home in Texas for one year – and are just about organized. There are still some items that we can not locate – a couple of our stock books have not yet reappeared and our reference library is far from organized.
Spring here lasts for about a long month and then we have summer weather. The good news is now my raised garden is already producing vegetables. Last fall I experimented by planting a bunch of lettuces, carrots, beets, etc. They survived the winter and started growing rapidly in late March and I started picking them in mid-April. Other than my raised gardens the rest of our yards is already landscaped and I just tell my gardener what to do – love it!
Our price list for May is German states Part 2. Naturally no sooner than I finished the price list than I bought a huge German states collection. We will be adding stamps from this collection to our web site this month and next month. The printed list though has a great deal of new material added.
For June we are updating our zusammendrucke price list for the Deutsches Reich. We will finish this list in July for the Bund and Berlin issues.
We are also updating our Austria price list for Austrian offices and occupations which may be completed by June but certainly by July.


This year’s catalogs are in two volume sets as they were last year.
As has been true for the past three years, with regard to changes in the Austria
listings in this year’s catalog – there are none. I could not find one change in the listings or the prices any where in the Austria and Bosnia sections. The only reason to purchase a new catalog is your old one is more than 8 year’s old or to get the catalog numbers for the recent issues.
If you do buy a new catalog – the postpaid price we paid from Amos Media was $104.99.


The new Michel Germany Part I Specialized catalog is now available. Unfortunately our copy has not yet arrived so we will review this catalog next month.
I buy my Michel catalogs from Richard Hummel, Am Glaschen 23, 04420 Markranstadt, Germany.
I order my catalogs from his web site http://www.hummel-buch.de.
His website is in English and you can pay via PayPal. Each volume cost us 136 Euro postpaid. The catalogs are always mailed immediately.
Some better items on our new German states web site listings

Thurn & Taxis SC 27  VF  $1100

Hamburg SC 5 some toning Fine certificate $650

Hamburg SC 21 used F/VF certificate  $1750
                                    Lubeck   SC 3 horizontal pair on piece VF  $800
                                          Wurttemberg SC 46 used VF  $800