Fall is still eluding us – most days are in the 80’s. The weather here for October and November is usually the best of the year.

Business was very good in September but we were still able to get a lot of work done in organizing and listing our new stock. We are steadily adding to and updating our web site listings. Every month we add several hundred new items to our listings and many new images.

This month we have updated our Austria Part II price list. Next month we will update our Germany part I list. Both lists will include lots of new material. We bought a couple more early Germany collections which included a lot of good Michel listed varieties.

                                                        SCOTT 2017 VOL 6

We compared this year’s catalog against last year’s catalog and found no price changes of any kind among the German and Austria related listings. Again – no surprises.


We are ending the 16th full year of the Austria stamp club. If you are a collector of Austrian stamps and covers you should consider joining our group. We publish a quarterly bulletin in color and hold two auctions a year. Our next auction will be included with the January bulletin.
Dues are only $16 a year for our US members and $23 a year for overseas members. You can join by sending us your check now. Dues received from now through December will cover 2014 membership.

If you would like to see one of our club bulletins to help you decide , we will send you one.

If you join now, you can participate in our club auction which ends 15 November
oct 3

Stamps We Need

We are frequently asked if we buy stamps – really. After 40 years stamp dealing, we do have a sizable stock, but we are always in need of some stamps. We can always use the really scarce singles and sets – items cataloging $200 and up.

Here are some of the areas that we most need including even the less rare items-

WWII German occupations – particularly Eastern Europe except Bohemia and the General Government.

German private post stamps – all
German offices and colonies – all
Post WWII local issues.
German states – mint issues for all areas.
German setenants never hinged – Particularly issues from 1920 -1935 and early Berlin issues.

Glossary of Symbols

These are the symbols most frequently used in our price list descriptions.
ANK – Austria Netto Catalog
CAN or CANC – Cancel
CERT – Certificate
CL – Close
CPCR – Clipped corner
(2 perfs or more)
CTO – Cancelled to Order
DG – Disturbed gum
DT – Design touches perforations
EX – Expertized
FD – First Day
FERCH – Ferchenbauer catalog
G – GOOD (Stamps will have large defects)
G/VG – GOOD/VERY GOOD (Stamps will have small defects))
HOFF- Hoffman ppc
HOR – Horizontal
HR – Hinge remnants
HH – Heavily hinged
LG – Large
M or Mar- Margins
MI – Michel Catalog
NG – No gum
OP – On Piece
PR – Paper remnants
P – Poor
PC – Pen cancel or postcard
PF – Plate flaw
PPC – Picture postcard
RC – Rounded corner
SCHAN – Schantl catalog
SE – Straight edge
SP – Setenant strip
SPC – Special cancel
ST – Stain
TY – Tiny
TR – Tear
Vert – Vertical
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