This has been a very busy year for our stamp business. Unfortunately for me I have had difficulty keeping up with everything work related. My health has been poor this year and as a result, despite my daughters’ help I have been unable to keep up with organizing new stock and updating existing price lists. All to explain that for the first time since we have been in business, we are not mailing an updated price list during July.
The good news is that the cause of my health problems has been identified and I am slowly getting back to normal activities- we will be back on track by September at the latest. We have purchased a lot of new material and will be getting it listed on our web
site and our revised price lists also.
Many of you have noticed that we no longer have our “extra 5%” sales. We discontinued these because the offers did not achieve our objective of increasing overall sales. Nevertheless , we are feeling remiss in not having a new list for July so we are offering our extra 5%: discount for orders placed during the month of July. To get the discount you must ask for it – either on the order form or in the comment section of the web site order. (The discount will not be computed by our software but we will calculate and adjust the total when we complete your order.)
We will try hard to get our Austria Part 3 price list updated for August.
Worst case scenario is that we will finish the list for September.

Werner Zielniewicz is Retiring

Werner Zielniewicz has been my stamp catalog supplier for at least the last 25 years. We have been recommending him to anyone who seeks European created catalogs and collector supplies for all that time. Although we have never met, I consider Werner a personal friend as well as a tremendous asset to stamp collectors and the stamp trade. All this time I depended on Werner to keep me up to date on German catalogs and trade news. I have referred many of my customers to him over the years and not once ever heard anything but compliments about the quality of his service.
Werner has promised to recommend a supplier to me and I will let you know who he recommends.
Werner is an advanced chess player and plans to continue his tournament play as his primary retirement avocation. (I know he loves to travel and I am sure will continue to do so.)
Collectors will miss him!

scott vol 2SCOTT CATALOG 2016 VOL III

There are more than the normal number of price changes among Germany proper issues this year. The vast majority of changes are very small increases among never hinged issues. There are very few changes among mint hinged and used issues. Among the early issues for Germany most changes are in the 3-5% range.
8* from $1800 to $1900
11 U from $375 to $400
36 U from $5.25 to $6.00
52-61** from $650 to $800.00
96-101** from $13.50 to $17.00
111-114** from $18 to $25
137-55** 16.00 to $20.00
After the inflation era there are fewer increases and they are mostly smaller.
401-14** from 875.00 to $950.00
Regular issues after WWII are almost all unchanged.
Early semi-postals show scattered changes among NH issues – all under 5%.
B19-22** $80.00 to $86.50
B44-8** $145 to $153.00
Semi-postals after WWII remain unchanged.
Back of the book show quite a few very small increases among NH with a few aberrations
1N25-41* from $128.00 to $161.75
1N42-58* from $128.85 to $163.90.
Berlin issues show substantial decreases through all issues in all three categories.
9N1-20** $350 to $270
* from $127 to $103.00
U from 1835 to $2288.00
9N21-34** from $1300 to $1000
42-60** from $700 to $550.00
9NB1-3** $375.00 to $250.00
9NB3a** from $900 to $1200
9NB4-5** $140 to $110.
DDR issues show almost no price changes.
German states and German colonies also show almost no price changes.
Overall – there are enough price changes in Germany proper to merit updating your catalog.

The new Austria specialized catalog has a significant number of price changes – most are small increases and some small decreases.

The catalog is hardbound and has more color pictures than previous versions. The very early issues have prices added for varieties in * and (*) condition.
There are quite a few price changes among the early varieties but most are small. All changes are among unused stamps.
1Xa* from 2000 Euro to 2200 Euro
1Ya * from 2000 Euro to 1700 Euro.
35 II – 41 II** from 750 Euro to 700 euro
44-9** from 1500 Euro to 1600 Euro
530-43** 1500 Euro to 1600 Euro
Postages dues show increases throughout
10-21** from 180 Euro to 250 Euro
22-33 ** from 200 euro to 250 Euro
* from 40 Euro to 60 Euro
There are scattered price increases throughout the back of the book issues including the post war locals offices.
This catalog can still be obtained from Werner Zielniewicz if your orders are placed before 1 August.