Summer weather arrived the second week in June with 90 degree temperatures. Still spring weather was most pleasant this year and my garden has greatly benefitted. I have been picking vegetables since mid June. My tomato plants were too heavy for the supporting stakes. They are producing enough tomatoes for the neighborhood.

Our stamp business has slowed a bit since the first quarter of this year – it has gone from sensational to very good. We have been working on replacing sold out stock and adding new items to our inventory – we have bought a lot of stamps

We are working transferring acquisitions to our stock books and adding items to our web site listings. We have a great many new additions. We have so much new stock that we have decided to not issue a printed price list in July but instead work on organizing our stock and adding listings to our web site. You will see many new listings on our web site throughout this month.

We will have a list completed for August- We are working on our Private Post list part II, our Germany Part I list, and our German states Part II list – we have lots of new material for each of these lists.

New Issue Service

We were way behind delivery for our first quarter new issues. Mail from Germany was blocked for over a month. The German Post changed the rules for mailing small packets from Germany to the US but failed to advise their customers. As a result the new issue shipments to us from our supplier in Germany were returned to the sender .Then there was a learning process on finding a way to routinely send new issues to us. We are now back to normal and are getting new issues as soon as released from the Post. The second quarter new issues will be mailed to subscribers in mid July.


The new 2022 catalog is a reprint of the 2021 catalog with of 2020 German states and Germany listings with new issues for 2020 added.

I did note that the German colonies sections showed price decreases of 10-15% for mint issues. (These decreases are not reflected in Michel listings or in my sales experience. German colonies continue to be among my best selling stamps.)

As in most recent years I would recommend that you continue to use your current version of Vol 3 if it was issued during the past ten years. Scott is just not posting many changes to listings or prices.



Due to the Corona virus shutdown we have been selling a lot more boxes than usual. We still have quite a supply of treasure box material – excess stock, areas we don’t normally stock, and just plain stamps we don’t have time to examine. We always insure that there are stamps of value included in the boxes but otherwise don’t check anything. There of course will be a lot German and Austrian related stamps and covers in the lots but there can be almost anything philatelic, These lots are designed for collectors who like to search through lots of philatelic items. Each $175 lot is different from the others and each will fill a medium priority box.

Our Online Specials

We offer specials on our web site regularly. For some reason we sell fewer of these than we expected to sell. It seems that our web site customers just don’t notice the special listings. We think this is happening because we frequently get orders for items in the regular listings which are also offered in the specials section at a lower prices – and the regular discounts are also applied to the final total!

We also list items in the special sections which don’t quite fit into our regular categories – e.g. mini-collections and unusual varieties.