May was extremely mild for central Texas – we stayed in the 70’s and low 80’s all month. We also had several more inches of rain than normal. This weather was perfect for my vegetable garden. My tomato plants are almost 5 feet high and 4 feet wide – and full of tomatoes. All the other vegetables are doing well also . Last year I did poorly with the garden so I worked on improving the soil and it has succeeded.

We bought a lot of collections last month and have a lot of work to do to get the stamps organized and listed. Business continues to be good and we are seeing more new customers this year. We have had problems with acquiring new issues from Austria and Germany and have run late in getting the first quarter issues to our new issues subscribers. We re just now getting the issues mailed. The German postal service changed they rules for mail going to the US and our supplier had to try a number of different ways to get the mail accept by the Post. The problems have now been solved and we are catching up.

This month we have updated part I of our private post listings. Our stock of privat post issues is never very deep and we sold out of a good many of the stamps previously listed. The revised part I listing is also posted to our web site so all stamps listed from Aachen through Hamburg are in stock. Many items listed thereafter are sold out though.

We hope to have part II done by August. We are working on German states Part I for July. We then will try to update German states part II for August also.

Just a reminder that Jill and I have divided the workload. I handle all order of stamps issued before the end of WWII and Jill handles all issues from the end of the war to now. The exceptions is that Jill handles all Liechtenstein stamps and I all Luxembourg stamps. The result of this division of labor is that your orders might arrive in two parts.

Our Treasure Boxes

We have been offering these boxes for about 10 years – almost every customer who has tried one box has ordered another. We have quite a supply of treasure box material – excess stock, areas we don’t normally stock, and just plain stamps we don’t have time to examine. We always insure that there are stamps of value included in the boxes but otherwise don’t check anything. There of course will be a lot German and Austrian related stamps and covers in the lots but there can be almost anything philatelic. These lots are designed for collectors who like to search through lots of philatelic items. Each $175 lot is different from the others and each will fill a medium priority box.

We have been selling a lot of our treasure boxes because the large volume of stamps and covers gives collectors a lot of pleasure searching through the pile. We still have some boxes ready to mail!

Our Online Specials

We offer specials on our web site regularly. For some reason we sell fewer of these than we expected to sell. It seems that our web site customers just don’t notice the special listings. We think this is happening because we frequently get orders for items in the regular listings which are also offered in the specials section at a lower price.

We also list items in the special sections which don’t quite fit into our regular categories – e.g. mini-collections and unusual varieties.



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