Well we are having great weather and I am getting to spend a lot of time in my garden – there is little else to do. Our area- like most in this country is locked down and about the only place I go regularly is the post office.

The good news for us is that stamp collecting is very popular this spring. Collectors are dusting off their albums and working with their stamps with all their spare time. We have been getting far more inquiries, want lists and orders than normal. Thankfully it keeps us busy too. I have also had time to organize past acquisitions which have been sitting on my book shelves for many months. I very much enjoy doing this but seldom have time to do this thoroughly.

This month we have updated our Germany Part 1 price list which includes the 19th century and early 20th century Deutsches Reich issues. We have acquired many new items for this list especially among the Germania issues – we many better never hinged issues including Michel listed varieties.

Jill was also able to update our Liechtenstein price list. I won’t tell you how long it has been since we updated this one. The good news for you is that prices for the majority of Liechtenstein issues have gone down in the past several years and bargains are to be found.

Next month we will update Germany Part C which includes the inflation era through WWII issues. Again you will find many new items on this list. We will also update Austria Part A which includes the early Austria issues. This list will also have many new better items to pique your interest.


The 2020 Germany specialized catalogs (Volume 1 and 2) will be released in Germany on 3 April. The prices for these catalog remain the same as last year. It is uncertain when the catalogs will be ready for distribution as suppliers have not been notified yet as to when they will be available. As soon as the catalogs are distributed by Michel you can logs can order them from Richard Hummel www.hummel-buch.de. His web site is in English and he has complete stock of the European published catalogs. The quoted prices include postage which is a real killer now – each catalog costs 90 Euro but postage is 46 Euro.

Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalog 2020 Band 1 (Germany Specialized vol. 1 – 1849 – April 1945), in German, MICHEL catalogue Germany specialized 2019, Vol. I: Over 6000 high-resolution color images and approx. 96,000 price evaluations.

Michel Deutschland Spezial Katalog 2015 Band 2 (Germany Specialized vol. 2 – from May 1945 – now), in German, Around 10,000 images and over 115,500 price quotes • New listings up to March 2020 • 1472 pages long

Payment can be made via PayPal.


We frequently remind our customers to please provide alternate choices on their orders. We wish we had an unlimited supply of stamps, but we do not. We always fill your first choices if we have them and use your alternate choices only when we are sold out of your first choices. By providing alternates you insure that you will get stamps and not a refund!

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