This Spring is much brighter than last year if only because Covid 19 is on its way behind us. We are getting out more now and seeing our friends and family more often. We have a couple of bridge groups reactivated which I thoroughly enjoy.

Our weather has been a bit strange. It warmed up into the 80’s in late March then turned wet and cooler – upper sixties for two weeks and is now settling back into the high 70’s. I planted our vegetable garden very early and can report tomatoes and peppers doing well on the plants. We are just getting to resodding soysia grass which will do wonders for the yard appearance.

Last year we cut back our 100 year old mulberry tree which had some large dead limbs leaning over our house. The tree was covered with vines which were gorgeous but also concealed hordes of squirrels and a huge possum which we didn’t know was there. Having reduced the tree to 12 feet high we now enjoy almost no squirrels in the yard – just birds – a major improvement.

Our price list for May is Germany Part B which covers the inflation period through the regular issues ending in 1945. We have tons of varieties included in this listing – and even more listed on our web site. Many of the varieties really require images to identify.

Next month we will update our German states list – Part 2 through from Helgoland through Wurttemberg.

We just bought a couple of large collections. One is a very substantial private post collection which will enable us to start updating our private post listings. This area is the most difficult of German areas to stock as the supply of stamps is extremely limited. We may be able to get part I of the private post listing done by June. The other collection is an accumulation of scarce issues from the entire German area. It is very large and will take sometime to organize and list.




This year’s catalogs are in two volume sets as they were last year.

As has been true for the past three years, with regard to changes in the Austria listings in this year’s catalog – there are very, very few price changes – especially for issues before 1950. After 1950 there are a few price decreases here and there

SC 520-56 ** was $292 now $266

There are quite a few price decreases on souvenir sheets in the 2000’s snf few other price changes.

SC 2103 ** was $3 now $2.50
U was $3 now $2.50

SC 2131 ** was $14 now $12
U was $14 bow $12

There are one or two decreases among used issues and almost no price changes after that through the offices.

There are no changes in Bosnia prices – as has been true for the past ten years.

If you do buy a new catalog – the price from Amos Media is $104.99.



The new Michel Germany Part I Specialized catalog is now available. Unfortunately our copy has not yet arrived so we will review this catalog next month.

I used to buy my Michel catalogs from Richard Hummel, Am Glaschen 23, 04420 Markranstadt, Germany. Unfortunately I have been unable to communicate with him for the past six months and note that his web site has not been updated. I’m afraid I can no longer recommend him as a source for Michel catalogs.

This year I have ordered the Michel specialized catalogs from Lindner in Germany. Their web site is in English and it is very easy to place orders on line. Next month I will let you know how good their service is! Their web site is

that’s a killer address but it works!

Some better items on our new German states web site listings


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