Spring kind of slipped by us here unnoticed. We went from a very mild winter to a few weeks of spring like weather and then summer like weather with most days in the mid-80’s and 90’s. We have had lots of sunny days and everything is green and/or in full bloom. My tomato plants are three feet high and starting to form tomatoes. All the other vegetables are also well under way. This year I even tilled the flower beds and have flowers in full bloom too – have to keep the wife happy.

The stamp business has resumed full speed again after a relatively slow winter. Our biggest challenge is to restock sold out items and to find new stamps and covers for our customers. Buying has become more difficult because most stamp auctions are now conducting live online auctions simultaneously with in house live auctions. More and more collectors have discovered auctions as an excellent source for new additions to their collections so all the bigger auction houses are doing landslide business and we are competing against collectors for better material.

We continue to add new stock to our web site listings and also have added many additional images for better items. We have particularly been adding more of our covers and cards to our listings. It is a slow process because we have to include an image with each listing.

Auction Results

As I write this newsletter I just completed viewing the Online auction conducted by Schuyler J. Rumsey Philatelic Auctions.

The Auction contained a strong section of better collections covering the US
and rest of the world. The overall trend for collections was extremely strong. The collections contained better stamps and the estimates were very reasonable for the material offered. Almost every lot sold and many lots sold over the estimates. Quite a few lots sold at multiples of the estimates.

Here are some of the results for the German area lots.

A German states collection of Baden and Bavaria estimated at $750 sold $1700

A miscellaneous cover collection estimated at $1000- $1500 sold for $1800.

A German states collection estimated at $500-750 sold for $1800.

A Germany collection from 1850-1970’s estimate $750 – $1000 sold for $2000

A similar Germany proper collection estimated at $1000 – $1500 sold for $2100

A modern Germany collection estimated at $1500 – $2000 sold for $2000.

A posr war collection of mostly Berlin estimated at $200 sold for $130 (The only German related lot that sold below the estimate)

Zeppelin post card collection estimated at $2000 – $3000 sold for $3750.

A German offices and colonies collection estimated at $600-$800 sold for $2300.

Another offices and colonies collection estimated at $5000 – $6000 sold for $6500.

A German occupations cover collection estimated at $500-$700 sold for $2400

Realizations do not include the 18% commission for the auction house.


This year’s catalogs are in two volume sets as they have been in recent years..

For the six straight year I recommend that collectors who collect Austria skip buying a new catalog if they have 7 years old or newer. There have been no significant changes in any Austria related stamp listing in Scott catalogs during these past seven years. The only new information in these catalogs is the listing of the previous year’s new issues.

The pages of the Austria listings are exact duplicates of last year’s catalog except for the addition of the new issue listings. There are no changes to catalog listings or prices.

Volume 1 A-B Scott catalogs are selling from Amos Media in Ohio for 104.99 plus $4.80 shipping.


The 2022 Michel specialized catalogs have not arrived, but should be available before mid May. I ordered my catalogs at https://www.briefmarken.de/michelshop in Germany. The postpaid price for each volume was 112 Euro.


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