The Liechtenstudy Group exists to further the interest of collectors of Liechtenstein philately.  We are a small group of about 100 collectors scattered throughout the US and overseas who are interested in Liechtenstein philately.  Our principal means of communication is via our quarterly publication Liechtenstudy.  This newsletter incorporates articles and information regarding Liechtenstein philately which are submitted by our members.  Members range from beginners to very advanced philatelists – all of whom share a common interest.

The study group also conducts  periodic auctions of Liechtenstein material which contain everything from better basic singles and sets to more specialized items seldom found at most auctions – especially those in the US.  if you are in the acquisition stage of your Liechtenstein collecting, you will find these auctions most interesting.

Membership dues are only $7.50 a year in the US and $10 international.
Dues can be paid to “Paul Tremaine,
410 SW 9TH ST, Dundee, OR 97115

For a free copy of their most recent newsletter write to Paul Tremaine, 410 SW 9TH ST, Dundee, OR 97115

Liechtenstein Information – Great link to geographical, political, and economic information about the country.

Liechtenstein News – Link to the official Liechtenstein news site

Liechtenstein Encarta – Encyclopedia information regarding Liechtenstein.